Scenario:  Room full of people.

A knock is heard at the door of the building.

A person answers the door.

A very important person at the door speaks.

The person answering the door turns and repeats the message.

Will the message be distorted as it passes from mouth to ear along the way?

What if you were the last person to receive the message?

Would you accept the passed along message or seek the source?


What if you invited the important person with the important message inside?

Would the person and the message be clearer?

Would you stay close and learn?

As the crowd gathers around the message and the messenger would the Man and his message accelerate as the crowd pressed in pushing him through the room?

The messenger is center within the room and stops becomes pulled stretched out between the door he entered and the other door the people in the room have not seen.

How much does the Man weigh?  Does his mass measure to the matter he speaks?

He begins to take on the weight of the entire room?  Heavier and heavier.  Did He break?

Did he stretch out all the way from one point to another?   Did he relax and willingly give in to the force and fall to the lowest point?

One door created by God, the Creator, the Father who also closed this door of eternity.

Another door fashioned by a choice to serve our own will, attempting to define good and evil we war.  It’s not one door but two pulling while the tide of opinions push.

That’s time a beginning.

But at one moment in time God whose ways are higher than our ways and beyond human understanding in terms of good or evil opened the door through his own flesh and made a way back to Himself.

In that moment God himself declared “It is finished.”

The old was rolled away on the third day the stone removed and for 40 days he walked in newness as a testimony to be seen and then He went to a mountain and before the eyes of man did a new thing.  He defeated gravity and ascended to the Father.  A Promise came down and remains till another sound is heard.

That sound will be an alarm and a gathering depending on what kind of ear you have.

Seek the source while he may be found, not by sight but by faith which comes by hearing.  Not by any rock crying out but seek………..

Our Father which art in heaven.

Hallowed be THY name.

THY Kingdom come.

THY will be done.

As in Heaven, so in Earth

Give us day by day our daily bread.

And forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone that is indebted to us.

And lead us not into temptation;

But deliver us from evil.

Ask and receive……..

There is a Kingdom God created

There is Power in the blood of Jesus Christ and the Word of testimony of those who have received.

There is Glory resting on those who overcome like a Bride adorned by gifts from the Beloved who is preparing a room for His Bride…………When the Father approves and all is Ready will you Rise to the Wedding of all Time?

Jesus Christ……..Come all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Those that have departed are resting those that remain are you watching and waiting in prayer?

When all the colors of the world rise up from under the earth and on the earth washed in red making a garment so white that white doesn’t do it justice…………….What does that kind of Light does that look like?  Once consummated the whole world will see and bow.

The sound echos through time and knocks upon the door of every heart.  One must hear and choose to answer.

I simply heard and allowed His Spirit to live within my heart.  That power will one day hear the sound I await and I will be physically changed into what I have always been destined to be………………..

Once stuck in a sticky subtance of small thinking on my own yes once I was a “pea brain” now because He was lifted up He draws me out with a force unknown and unseen but Heard loud and clear.  I don’t have to strive, nor strain, nor work for the Power of Love lifted me and the process of the journey has created a limp through this wilderness but I am leaning on My Beloved all the way out the last part of my journey he picks me up and carries me over the threshold.

Joy unspeakable…….You can be a guest, you can shower the Bride with gifts but nothing compares to the Joy of being the Bride and spending Eternity with the Beloved.