Holding on by learning to let go………perfect freedom yet enslaved by choice having been set free by Love that’s beyond what is dutiful, yet it is by unmatched duty to Love another as I am Loved. 

I am willing to be caught away by such Light of Truth in the darkest moment of my night for I know that but a call the sound like many waters will beckon me to open my eyes………….I release the darkness in knowledge and comprehend the wisdom of dawn. 

Not unlike closing my eyes and jumping in the Faith that though the solid earth move beneath my feet and I am left with only air, I trust the covering above me, attached by a cord so tightly wrapped that even the thought of falling and the pain that would ensue cannot sway me for in holding on I have lifted above the brokenness and pain, caught within the fall by Faith in a Word so broken that the fractures only make the Light shine brighter. 

I am now able to tilt my head upward and rest within the assurance a Hope not deferred but imminent.



Thank you Friend………………Holding On