A great deal can be said about this one little word.  To the farmer it is a time of great joy, for all of the hard work that he has placed into the ground has finally brought forth fruit.  If we step back and just look at the wilderness that would be the harvest field as it first looked it would almost take our breath to remember how far we’ve come.

Just imagine that you were given a swamp and you were so excited by the gift.  You tell all your friends and invite them over.   The vision in your own head of a field ripe with treasures is difficult to express to others.  Attempting to paint an image with words of the vision that is in your head.  Your friends may just stand and look shaking their heads, some in disbelief, some in pity, some in confusion.  They are attempting to see with eyes what you have conceived in your heart. 

That’s what it was like for me. 

I was called forth from what we could term a swamp.  A quagmire if you will of failures and missed opportunities I called my life.  At the point I thought my own life would just swallow me up an unseen voice called and an unseen hand lifted me above my circumstances.  Overjoyed just to be saved from such a mess I would have liked to have just stayed their on that “cloud nine” experience but the One who rescued me firmly turned me around and said the place that you just came from will be your garden.

My God, it’s a swamp, I cried desperately.  So you see I understand the feelings of my friends when they first see the swamp.  I too at first shook my head.How in the world would anyone plant a garden in a swamp? 

Can you imagine how a swamp would become a desert?  The muddiest place, stagnant, stale and stinking becoming a dry arid wasteland, a wilderness….that’s my journey and along the way it was difficult not to fall prey to what my eyes could see but my heart denied.  At every point that I would have given up I was turned back for one brief glimpse of the garden.

My eyes though beholding swamp, then a wilderness could never hold the heart of my vision captive.

Living in the swamp was an eye opener to say the least when I realized that the mire was my own fault and that I could do nothing to save myself but when it would appear that my head would have gone under I cried.  Now, before that I had as we say in the south “hollered” a bunch.  I hollered, complained, moaned and blamed everyone in the swamp; those standing at the rim of my swamp…..you know other swamp people.  This was somebody’s fault.  Sadly that snake that I was in that swamp convinced me that I could crawl out on my own many times if I could just kill enough swamp people and pile them up I could climb out.  So with a lash of my tongue I killed many swamp people and occasionally I thought I’d made it only to fall slithering back into the same swamp.

It was as simple for me and getting tired FINALLY of the stench in my own nostrils of the swamp that I finally realized that I was the cause.  At that realization and just saying to the air above my head…get the picture of one who is sinking and the last moment only the face is showing, tilted back and looking upward just trying to breath with no breath left because the crushing muck of the swamp had flattened my ability to breath on my own and just gasping out one last time SAVE ME.

I had no idea at first anyone would hear the cry; I didn’t even at the time know where the cry came from.  The words even were not my own.  When I let go of the life I lived someone took control.Can you imagine looking into the swamp and seeing a reflection?  Of what?  I couldn’t see myself all I saw was the swamp.  Is this the beginning of an evolution or a revolution?  Am I to just keep striving to become something better than the day before or just spin in circles always returning to the swamp?  Sadly spent a great deal of my time doing both.

Today, I looked back at the swamp and it’s crystal clear.  I look down at myself and there is no sign of the swamp on me.  I’m not even afraid of the swamp………….I’ve embraced my past………just closed my eyes and hugged all my failures and it hurt but I would not open my eyes I just embraced the pain…….likes splinters pricking every part of my mind and body until the pain gives way to vision and my eyes open and I see a tree…………..it feels like a cross when I embrace it but when enlightened by a Spirit not my own it is LIFE. 

I breath in a fire like a sword piercing every tender part of the new life I am given.

Gal 2:18 For if I build again the things which I destroyed, I make myself a transgressor.

Gal 2:19 For I through the law am dead to the law, that I might live unto God.

Gal 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.  

Born in sin, born again unto life….I can give no credit to myself for either…..I am just thankful for both for without God there is nothing…..in Him is Everything…..all I ever owned was choice……………Like a seed of Truth planted in the richest soil…..some planted in my life, some have watered….God has given the increase……..Love is in full bloom and God will gather those He Loves………….when you have heard the Love of God nothing else matters than to see His face…………..The Harvest is indeed Ripe for over 2000 years now we were told to Love one another………………..that’s our labor………….Laborers are few……..Teaching Love does not wink at sin nor neglect the Law……………Love fulfilled the Law………