Revelation 11:19 says that when John saw the temple of God opened in heaven there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament.

John saw the temple of God opened.  First Corinthians Chapter 9 declares that we are God’s temple.  We all labor together.  We are God’s garden, the cultivated soil that he places His seed within.  The foundation was laid by Christ.  No man should attempt to lay a foundation over a foundation but be built upon the foundation laid by Jesus Christ.  What foundation is the Church the Body of Christ built upon?   Jesus asked “Who do they say I am??  Peter replied not of his own will but by revelation from the Father by His Spirit, ” You are the Christ the Son of the Living God”.  Jesus said that was the Rock of Revelation that His Church would be built upon.  Hearing the Word of God, speaking the Word of God, revealing the Word of God.  Faith that Works.

So where is the Ark of the Covenant?

Many have looked for an artifact, where is this elusive piece of furniture?

The answer to that question is available and has been for over 2000 years.  He lives inside of me.  He wants to live inside of everyone.  He stands at every hearts door knocking…want you just let him inside your heart.

The ark a picture and type of Jesus Christ.  We have an image in Noah’s boat.  We have an image in Moses basket.  We have an image in the article placed inside the Most Holy Place  of God on Earth.  We had an image in Adam before the fall, after the fall all we can do is look at one another and accuse each other of being naked.  We hide from God and look at one another pointing our fingers all day long going “Look your naked!”  Shame, guilt, despair………..Who told you that you were naked?

If you believe you are naked you’ll run to and fro trying, striving to steal, borrow, beg, and buy clothes attempting to cover the shame of your nakedness.  Man first attempted to re-clothe himself in trees.  He took the thing that killed him and tried to cover up his shame.  God stripped that mess right off in the garden.  He killed the first innocent animal and for ages men walked around in stinking animal hide.  After awhile man became accustomed to the smell and the blood just dried up and we forgot the sacrifice of the innocent.  Have we not done the same with Calvary’s blood? 

Turning our heads away and forsaking the gift of Life.  Jesus said I am the Way.  He came down.  Humbled myself…you must follow him.  Jesus said I am the Truth.  His meat was to do the will of the Father.  The will of the Father is God’s Word…not just bread alone but the Revelation of the Word.  Jesus Christ being the spirit of prophecy.

 What kind of sacrifices are you making today?  God says obedience is better than sacrifice.  Jesus who was, is and will always be God was obedient, even unto death.  He paid the price.  He died as a good seed, planted in good soil and has raised up and been caught up into Heaven.  The Truth is seated.  The Law has been fulfilled.  He left this one parting word.  Messengers from Heaven told the disciples that day.  Why stand you gazing?

Act 1:10  And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel;
Act 1:11  Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.

He is returning!  The disciples left that mountain with the Word of God in their hearts.  The believed and acted on that belief, the hope that He was returning.  The went where He told them to go, they remain in the place where He told them to be and the Promise that He promised Came.  They were eyewitnesses, they saw what He said come true.  The declared him The True Prophet by their actions based on hearing, seeing, believing and they acted in accordance with the Word they heard and saw.  They took no thought to doubt that what He said was true, he was, is and will be just who He said He is! 

Deep inside of my heart lies the Ark of the Covenant.  The Law is there written on the tables of my heart.  Manna is there which is the Living Word of God inside my heart…like a river of living water that comes spilling forth past my lips as God gives.  The rod of Aaron is there bearing fruit…He is the Resurrection Power in My Life.  He died for me and Rose again for me and ascended for me and I heard his voice one day in the garden of prayer and answered.  I laid down my old life, took up His life and live through His strength, His Word, walking in Him.  I followed him in death, I follow Him in Life…I await His call and I will be prepared to leave.  No man teaches me any longer.  I no longer glean from many fields like in my youth.  I found one field that He called me to and allowed me to glean, left me handfuls on purpose.  One day I literally went to the threshing floor and laid down and covered myself in his garment.

His mercy is ever over me.  His presence descends in my worship.  I am carried away by the Word of His Law and Rest in His Grace…………..Clothed in His Righteousness.

The veil was opened.  I walked in.  The only thing I did was Choose.  He did all the work.  I made a choice to accept.  The sound came, I heard.  He called, I answered……..

I’ve already arrived in my place in Heaven spiritually.  I await a physical redemption of my body.  I worship in Spirit and in Truth.  I am flesh and blood to most, have no worth on my own I owe my entire being to a Man….God, Our Father who is My Holiness, My Righteousness, My Strength, My Everything….Whatever I ask for He responds I AM.

I am seated in Heavenly places in this world but not of it.

Yes I truthfully believe all of this. 

I don’t think those who are called by His name should ever say, I don’t know.  You can know.  Ask.

I talk to my Father, He talks to me.  I am not afraid.  I am burdened carrying this cross of flesh and blood that the world wants to battle and war against because they refuse to see beyond the me and see Him.  Some do….many don’t…that’s a burden for me.  I weep over those who cannot see.  It is a burden but a light one for I carry it in the strength of Love.

God may their eyes be enlightened is my never ceasing prayer.  God only blinded the eyes of the Jews as a Nation so that the other part of His world could enter in to His kingdom.  Those He chooses to reveal himself to can see and hear.

In order to see my heart you have to spend a great amount of time with me, choosing to look past my flesh with a unique true desire to see my heart….that’s where God lives.  Others the many will just hear the sound of my voice are these words that are written……………Pick up the phone!!!!!!!!!!  HE’S COMING!  (That is not just a word written by me but a Revelation no man can change)

I wish I could meet everyone in the world and show them my heart.  If I could just pass by even I know some would cry out to the Spirit within me, some would see a sign, some would persecute…………but Today as I weep I’m will to keep walking, willing to die for anyone who would just hear…………………….

How many believed Noah when he said it was gonna rain?  Our Father has spoken, written and walked out his Word.  He will receive those to himself who hear.  In this last day He poured out His Spirit I am merely one of many who were called to receive……….I chose to receive and in return He will choose me as Chosen…..

It’s not about what you do but who you choose to serve.

If you gotta see something to believe it….you might be shocked at what you are about to see and I am certain you will not like it.  Who will be able to stand?

I have prepared my heart and he planted his word there and in the fullness of this time He is delivering me.  I am already seated in my heavenly place by faith in His Word….that Word will not return void……I am departing soon for the voice of my Bridegroom is calling………………I am caught up even now in the sound of His voice by His Spirit…that faith will be manifest…..He is behind me covering my past, beside me guiding my steps and before me awaiting my entrance……COME with me…..