A Look at Nahum Chapter 2
The Assyrians whose capital city was Nineveh conquered the southern tribe Israel.  The city of Nineveh today lies in ruins the area is in Northern Iraq and present day Syria around what is today known a Mosul.  The Assyrians lost control of their ancestral land but the descendants today as well as the contributions made by these people survive.  They are existing under severe persecution around their native land and dispersed throughout many nations. 

Therefore the first verse of chapter two has been completely fulfilled.  For the first verse states that the disperser has come.  Historically this account has proved to be true.   The Medes and the Babylonians attacked the Assyrians leaving Nineveh in total ruin.  

It has been said that “history repeats itself” that may be true for man because the sin nature continues to thrive and cause man to continually stumble over himself.  Always learning but never coming to an understanding of his mistakes.  The Bible is a historical account but so much more.  While prophecy is not for any private interpretation the Book of Revelation tell us that Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy.  Jesus was the Word so therefore scripture like Jesus was, is and shall be, the Word is past in it’s historical content painting pictures and shadows of the Word to come, present in Jesus Christ who is in us, and prophetic in that it warns us all of what is to come.  We look at scriptures in layers;
The literal meaning – history
The hint of something deeper –pictures, types, shadows
The practical application- today word applying, exhorting, edifying, correction
The hidden meaning of the text- prophesy

We can all learn something today from the history of the Assyrian demise and practically apply it to the state of how things are for our nation at this moment in time. Think if you will of a country that was successful, a superpower if you will.  Offering the world riches, technology, and a strong military, does that sound familiar?  So what are we to learn?

The first verse in chapter 2 is a great place to start.

Keep- the “munitions”
Watch- the way
Make- thy loins strong
Fortify- thy power mightily

Why because the enemy has come up in your face.  The “hammer” the “disperser” is upon you.  Why?  Anyone who trusts in their own might and power are in danger of God’s judgment because it is written vengeance is mine.  Salvation is from the Lord, or better here deliverance is from the Lord.  There is one God and he is in control.  God has explicitly told his people it is not by might or power but by His Spirit that we overcome.

So look back at the verse it states in the King James Version “he that dasheth to pieces” Jeremiah gives us insight in Chapter 50:23 Babylon is described as the hammer of the whole earth.  So we can see this hammer is in the face of the Assyrians (history).  What is the application for today?

God says in Jeremiah Chapter 23 verse 29 that His Word is like a fire and a hammer.  The Word like a fire is referring to the law given at Mt. Sinai, the law coming and given to reveal sin.  The hammer is the Word in the hand of one who uses it wisely to break the hardened heart of man who has because of his sin developed a hardened heart like stone.

So using scripture to interpret scripture we have a clear understanding that God is saying here anyone who does not trust my Word the same Word will you be judged by.  You will face the Word one day.  By the Words of your mouth you will be judged.  Just like here the Assyrians boasted of their military might…God was saying okay mount up the battle is about to begin…see how far you get in your own might.  You have trusted in your men, your horses your chariots, your walls, your own defenses array them all for they will be no good to you.  I issued a warning, I sent my word and you repented and now you have turned your back and your end is established by your own words.

He begins with “keep your munitions”.  Munition is a word meaning your weaponry for the Assyrians it included the walls that fortified the city of Nineveh.  To keep them would be to guard them.  They trusted in stone to keep them safe.  What are we trusting in today, walls that we have built up in our own mind or the sure rock of our salvation?  Keep guard over your weaponry, the weapons we as Christians utilize are not carnal or in other words “worldly” but they are spiritual.  Guard your weapon.  The only defensive weapon we are given is the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.  Guard the Word.  Keep a watch over your mouth.  Speak the Truth in Love.  The Light that shines in darkness yet the darkness did not understand it.  Why?  Because as humans in our flesh we like the Assyrians are guilty before God of trusting what we see and what we invent with our own hands not trusting the unseen substance and evidence which is our faith.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  The Word of God is the only thing in heaven and earth that will remain.  Keep, guard your heart, and hide the Word in your heart so that when the day comes you will not sin against God.  Faith is an action not a belief.  Faith comes from the Greek word “pistis” meaning a reliance on Christ.  Relying on the Word.  Giving credence, coming from a word that means a mental acceptance of what is true and real.  Credit, credentials all come from the same root word.  Interestingly the word credenza which is a table set for a valuable plate or a table where the bread and wine rest before consecration.  We take the elements of the Lord’s Supper, the bread and the wine as symbols of his Word (Truth) and Blood (Spirit of Life is here).  We are to take and eat and drink what he supplied…..credit should always go back to Him.  God has truly prepared a table in the presence of our enemy, and you are indeed what you eat…for God himself says it’s not the natural food what a man takes into his body but what proceeds out of his mouth that is important.  What table are you sitting at today?  We place so much emphasis today on the things we can see, touch, smell, hear and taste….yet are we concentrating on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or the Tree of Life.  Three trees stood on Calvary that day 2000 years ago.  One calling good, God, the other calling good evil wanting only something for himself…..in the middle hung the Tree of Life, a table of Faith pouring out Life, everlasting Life to the World.

The word munitions interestingly in the Hebrew is a word meaning hemmed.  We also know from the story of the woman with the issue of blood that she reached for the hem of Jesus garment, this would have been the fringe of his prayer shawl which was blue in color and was a symbol of the Word, the law, the commandment of God.  She pressed through.  She reached out.  She touched the Word.  And the power or virtue of the Word was released and she was healed. 

So the Word is manifest in the flesh.  The wall of partition that separates man from God destroyed as Jesus died on the cross.  Nothing can separate us from the love of God so what is the right wall to watch?  What wall are we called to guard?  Keep the munition, God was saying to the Assyrians literally you can build a wall but history shows that one shout from the Lords people following an obedient walk can bring the walls down.  They had trusted that their victories were there own doing.  God was saying to the Assyrians these are my people you could not have conquered them if I had not allowed.  Because you do not know me, because you attribute your success to yourself, because you say you are strong and have need of nothing….because you say peace when my people lie in ruins I will quickly make an end of you.  Not because of the righteousness of my people for they are stiff-necked and disobedient but for my covenants sake I will not forsake them.  Pride indeed comes before a fall……praise God we have a covenant wall, a sure defense…but again not by our own hands. 

What is the right wall to keep; Isaiah 60:18 describes our wall by naming the wall Salvation.  Again the Word says in Philippians 2:12 to work out your own salvation in fear and trembling.  Salvation is received by faith but if one does not walk in obedience to the Word they hear and believe then they have fail to fear God which is the beginning of knowledge.  You cannot fall from the grace that you did nothing to earn but you will again reap what you sow.  The tragedy is that most people merely know about God but don’t really know him.  They trust in themselves and give him lip service denying His power.  His power is in His Word Romans 1:16 states the Gospel of Jesus Christ who is was and will ever more be the Word is the Power of God.  Oh that we like Paul would apprehend the one important thing in this world and that being Jesus Christ and Him crucified, buried, risen, ascended and soon returning.  We are here to carry the Light of the Gospel why then are we stumbling in the dark, afraid and helpless as though we have no hope?

The days are indeed dark but in times of darkness the light should shine even brighter.  Has not Jesus Christ himself stated that He built His church upon the Rock of Revelation that He is the Christ the Son of the Living God.  Flesh and blood, natural man cannot understand this, the Father in Heaven whose name is Holy can only reveal such truth and does so by His Spirit.  I believe in this dark day we have today, when again the enemy, not a man but the principalities and powers operating in darkness that the only hope we have, the only one we can Trust is Jesus.

Hence we have Watch the Way.  This term meant to keep an eye out for the enemy.  Observe the road, look out, be aware, and stay alert.   Sounds like Jesus in the Garden.  He told the three with him to stay awake, watch and pray for in the dark you are in danger of temptation.  The enemy, Satan tempts us; God allows the temptation to test us.  Without the test there is no testimony, and it is by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony that we overcome.  Who is the Way that we Watch, Jesus says I am the Way.  Are we watching for him today?  Are we on the right road?  Or are we traveling down that broad way that seems right but leads to destruction?   I can hear the call of John the Baptist here as he came to prepare the way…Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.  Watch and Pray Jesus said and still is saying.  Remember the 10 virgins?  They all were the same they all slept, they all heard the midnight cry but and that’s a big but 5 were foolish and did not have enough oil for the journey.   They were turned away; Jesus said to them I know you not!  It’s not enough to know Him does He know You?   Fellowship and Communion is the key our relationship with God.  We make our fellowship and communion in and through Jesus Christ.  His sheep hear his voice but many have crept in looking like sheep and acting like sheep when in fact they are wolves.  We have become so accustomed to these messengers who clothe themselves in light that we don’t realize that what they are saying is not the Truth.  Everything that appeals our human natures, you know the things that we like to hear that make us feel good about ourselves, that exalts our egos into thinking we are something, the lusts of our eyes, the pride of life, the need to succeed those are those lies that keep us from the Truth.  Accepting the Truth is about denying yourself, recognizing that your best works are worth nothing more than filthy rags….you might feel good, it might seem right…in your own eyes but there is a way that Seems right that leads to destruction.  The world says come to me and I will give you the world…Jesus says take up your cross and follow me…We must get in one accord, coming together as many members yet one body the Body of Christ.  Allowing Christ to be the head.

How do we accomplish this?  God gives the answer.  Make thy loins strong.  Paul’s letter to the Ephesians says that we should gird our loins with Truth, again Jesus says I am the Truth.  So, the strength that you should rely on is the Word of God, the Truth.  Jesus Christ in and working through you by His Spirit.  Make thy loins strong God is saying here, again in scripture God says Sanctify yourselves.  It is our duty to set ourselves apart, by the reading and obeying God’s word, not just hearers but doers.

Last but not least is the exhortation by God here to fortify your power.  God has endued us with the power of His Holy Spirit.  Fortify means to be alert on foot.  We have the “Good News” or Gospel shoes prepared to be placed on our feet.  You are to walk in obedience to the Word.  Jesus is the Light,  The Word of God that lights our path and is a lamp unto our feet.  Your power rests in Him.  In our weakness that power is made perfect.  While we were Yet sinners Christ died for us.  He took that weakness of sin and made an end of it once and for all.  The third day he rose from the grave in power, ascended to the Father in power and poured out that same power now in these last days upon all flesh.

The rest of the chapter is significant in that it shows the enemies true colors.  Red, scarlet, crimson, like sin the ever present enemy.  Showing his battle colors and the noise of his devices like chariots of doubt running through our minds, yet God says renew your mind by the daily washing, sanctifying your mind with the Word.  You have the mind of Christ if the Word abides in you.

God because of the pride of his chosen people had caused them to be in confusion, derision and constant fear of their enemies.  But His mercy is everlasting.  He made a covenant with his people and we have a covenant.  God will not lie.  He will keep his covenant at all cost.   Be not afraid God says over and over throughout scripture.  Be not afraid, but be courageous.  The battle is not yours but God’s and he was, is and will always be victorious.  What is impossible with man is possible with God. 
When the enemy comes in like a flood God always raises a standard up against them.  That standard is His Word.  The infallible Word of God, we must not take these words lightly as though they were some fable written to entertain. 

History has shown God had the first word, He is the present Word and He is the final Word.  God spoke in times past through his prophets has now in these last days spoken by His Son who is the heir to all and by Him all things were made.

In whom do you trust today?   Where is your inheritance?  Do you trust in your own might and power?  Do you trust in the government?  Do you trust in yourself? 

This small vision recorded by the prophet Nahum is truly a Word of consolation and comfort to the church.  We are the body of Christ.  Do you know him?  If not, you are trusting in things that will not stand.  Heaven and earth the Bible says will all pass away but My Word God says is eternal.

Are you standing in the Word, Walking in the Word, obeying the Word?  The Bible says that obedience is better than sacrifice.  Before any commandment was given God say HEAR I am the Lord your God. 

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  What destroys the yoke of bondage?  The Bible says the anointing, the “Christos” the Christ, the One who came proclaiming that he was God, He is God and He inhabits eternity.  Eternity is not about time it’s about where you live.  Jesus says “Behold and stand at the door and knock….IF any man hear my voice and OPEN the door…..he will come in and abide.

It is Time for the people of God to rise up out of the ashes of their own burning passions and lusts and put on the whole armor of God.  One cannot see in darkness yet a great light has shined a light that must be heard, believed and walked in before it can be seen. 

These scriptures here tell us that the LORD humbled his people by allowing the enemy to oppress them.  The disobedience and pride of his people led to their bondage.  Why does God allow bad things to happen to his people?  Love that’s the ultimate answer, tough love and just love, God is just and his Word is sure.  Obedience brings blessing, disobedience brings cursing.  Sadly, when we enter into the blessing of the Lord we tend to forget the source of the blessing.  Today we are at the height of blessings in this country God has increased knowledge, wealth, houses, lands, people and yet in the midst of being the “superpower” we have forsaken God.  We have experienced judgment in this nation from outside sources throughout history.  Today there are wars and rumors of more war.  There are sicknesses and diseases rampant with new ones cropping up everyday.  Natural disasters, floods, winter storms, earthquakes and on and on they go all around the alarm is sounding.  Remember 911, Remember New Orleans, remember, remember.  I believe the warning is clear, the signs are too numerous to count for they are occurring daily, even moment by moment.  Will we wax cold in our love for one another?  Will we be deceived?  Will we fear running to and fro for answers are will we who are called by His Name?
WATCH-  Seek His Face
MAKE-      and Pray
FORTIFY- TURN from our wicked ways

Then he will hear from heaven and heal our land.
Even So Lord Jesus Come
The Spirit and the Bride say Come