February 8, 2007 the date of my last post and the day the plague hit my house.  I will not bore anyone with the details nor do I want to relieve them on the screen let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty sight around here for a few days.  I will say that I have not faithfully read Proverbs since that day but I’ve gained some real life lessons on wisdom here on the homefront….when you’ve been sick for two days throw a birthday party for your 15 year old and let her invite 11 other 15 year old girls to your home to see you at your finest……Hmmm now that I’ve read that maybe it’s time to head on back into Proverbs cause that piece of wisdom evidently lost something in the translation.

Anyway, I turned 45 on February 7, 2007 and on the 9th I turned into my bed do you think those two events were related? 

Here’s the great part this was the best week of my life! By now you must be wondering if I could pretend to be so vain that anyone would read this or care but you could be thinking this woman is old and has lost her mind.  Nope, I can assure you one of those statements is untrue I’ll leave you to decide which one but hey I know I’m old, when I forget my knees shout up at me a reminder, the mirror doesn’t remain quiet either.  The age thing well I’ve lived long enough to know it’s not about the numbers it’s about the miles….and yes I’ve traveled my share.

I’m excited about what God is doing in my life right now.  All last week he put back together some broken pieces of my life and it was miraculous.  He concluded the week last night at church by showing up in an extraordinary way.  Revival fire has hit our church!  Say it ain’t real, say he ain’t real…..Thank God His existence doesn’t depend on what we think.  He is alive and well and last night revived a bunch of us, renewing our faith, calming our fears, saving our souls, healing our bodies, renewing our minds, took our weaknesses and gave us His strength….He just showed up and showed out.

I’m alive but the very breath I breathe is not my own……