While musing the muse today at Poetry in Verse, this song began to play in my head. 

Wildwood Weed Jim Stafford 

The wildwood flower grew wild on the farm,
And we never knowed what it was called.
Some said it was a flower and some said it was weed,
I never gave it much thought ……
One day I was out there talking to my brother,
Reached down for a weed to chew on,
Things got fuzzy and things got blurry,
And then everything was gone!
Didn’t know what happened,
But I knew it beat the hell out of sniffin’ burlap.

I come to and my brother was there,
And he said, What’s wrong with your eyes?
I said, I don’t know, I was chewing on a weed.
He said, Let me give it a try.
We spent the rest of that day and most of that night,
Trying to find my brother, Bill.
Caught up with him, ’bout six o’clock the next morning,
Naked, swinging on the wind mill!
He said he flew up there.
I had to fly up there and bring him down,
He was about half crazy …..

The very next day we picked a bunch of them weeds,
And put ’em in the sun to dry.
Then we mashed ’em up and chopped ’em up,
And put ’em in the corncob pipe.
Smokin’ that wildwood flower got to be a habit,
We didn’t see no harm.
We thought it was kind of handy,
Take a trip and never leave the farm!

All good things gotta come to an end,
And it’s the same with the wildwood weed.
One day this feller from Washington came by,
And he spied it and turned white as a sheet.
Then they dug and they burned,
And they burned and they dug,
And they killed all our cute little weeds.
Then they drove away,
We just smiled and waved ……….
Sittin’ there on that sack of seeds!

Y’all come back now, hear?

Some folks were attracted to the beautiful flower of Truth and began to ingest it…then they beat it all out and made it into something convenient that could be inhaled…they began to enjoy the feeling so well that forgot the beauty of the flower that first attracted them…the government realized that if they really got a handle on what was real it would be a disaster to the master plan so the government attempted to kill it all….yet the seed remained…

If we could just get a handle and walk in the Spirit without forsaking the Truth we would be on the right path of true worshippers. 

I’m not an idiot and I know what this song was written about…but if you look beyond the nonsense you can see that we all are attracted to the flower in the field…chewing on it like it’s some kind of magic weed to remove us from our selves.    Put weight on truth without the spirit and you’ve got legalism, too much emotion and you’ve got fanaticism……..

A sower went out to sow in the Day

A sower went out to sow in the Night

One must have right conditions, right soil and right care

One likes to grow up right beside the other

If we could just see the root and the good plant we wouldn’t fall far from it..but alas the religious think it’s there job to pull up the weeds so they just beat you over the head with a new truth attempting to get something good out of it to make themselves feel better they end up just blowing smoke…

There is nothing new under the sun so why not today take a walk with Wisdom and hear him…

There is only one good seed that fell into the ground….Hear Him…..How many are sitting there on a good sack of seed claiming it as their own but distributing a false hybrid creating a division of the body when He created us to be whole…full of Truth, full of Spirit….the two becoming one in Him….A three fold cord not easily broken….

Ya’ll come back know you hear!