Who you are intimate with determines what you give birth to……

Hide and Seek….You never know when you might be called….

3 If’s in Proverbs 2

If you receive my words

If you cry after knowledge and lift your voice up for understanding

If you seek her a silver and search for her as hid treasures

 Then you understand because

The Lord gives Wisdom

Out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding

When Jesus was hungry, the tempter came

If thou be the Son of God Matt. 4:3  

Wisdom Answers It is written Matt. 4:4

If thou be the Son of God Matt. 4:6

Wisdom Answers It is written again Matt. 4:7

If thou will fall down and worship me Matt. 4:9

Wisdom Answers Get thee hence for It is written Matt. 4:10

Hungry people who have no home..find themselves eating out of trash cans……

Today I heard him knock and I opened the door….I was hungry and He fed me, I was thirsty and he gave me drink…Blessed be the Name of the Lord

To know you is my hearts desire!  Your word says that you will give us the desires of our hearts so Lord all I want is you, all I need is you……………Abide in Me.