Everyday I receive emails from some new “watch dog” group sounding the alarm that Sin is in the world and everyday they plead with me to sign a petition, send some money, take a stand.

My God is it news that this world is getting darker and darker.  It’s it news that evil is getting worse.

Ford, Pepsi, L’Oreal, Blockbuster, Delta Airlines  we must save them, we must tell them not to support sin, Hollywood is bad, sinful……on and on day after day, some new corporation must be boycotted, corrected, chastised and put in their place.  If we can just censor enough people, publications and products we can save the world…..

I would pray that these people would put so much effort into the Word of God for themselves.  Hide the Word in your heart so on That day and I believe it’s come YOU will not sin against him…..

 Do they?  I don’t know but by there words I can see no hope and if there is a hope it’s in man’s accomplishments which is no hope at all.

If the day is darker and I know that it is…..the Light should be brighter…………if we had continued in the heart of Jesus, the footsteps of Jesus, the Way we would have been a Great Light in a dark world….yet we pay more attention to the dark than we have hid the Light in our hearts.

The Gospel…the “Good News” of Jesus Christ should be preached with power with signs following.  We are seeking signs, signs of a better tomorrow, a better world, a better place to live….we want paradise where everyone gets along, no one cries or hurts one another…………

Our hope is in Christ.  Our Commission to preach Christ him crucified.  The choice is still there for mankind to chose the things of this world.  If I paid money to the right organization would that save the world.  Nope I’d be attempting to build my hope on anothers man’s foundation.

Christ came to seek and save those who were lost.  He brought a sword.  The sword was meant to cut ourselves and protect those who cannot protect themselves by shining the Light of His word into their dark place.

Like Peter who lopped off that guards ear I here Jesus saying “that’s enough” you Peter will deny me when you are afraid.  I will look you straight in your face in my time of trial and you will stand far off and deny you know me…O but Peter I know you and you feel hopeless you don’t want me to go but I must for only I can accomplish what needs to be done.  Only I Peter can lay down my life for you and all the others as a sacrifice.  If you had believed you would know they cannot kill me and that is what you fear….I lay my life down willingly don’t weep for behold I make all things new.