We awoke this morning to snow and cold.  Winter has finally arrived here in South Carolina.  It’s raining now and who nows what slippery slopes await those who travel tonight when temperatures drop and all this water freezes.  In the midst of it all I find comfort and wisdom in the comfort of His Words….

I will never leave you nor forsake you….

This morning He has spoken to my heart and made His presence known as the Light of His Love fills my room.  I began my day reading Proverbs and The Word once again holds the key to unlock the mysteries that await to be uncovered…I have added a page to the “Box” so that I can pour out once again His unmeasurable Truth as He speaks I will write…Again I must thank Diana and Sharla for the inspiration and invitation to join them in the journey…What an appropriate book of Wisdom wrapped in His Love…..

In a month filled with hearts and love…………..I have found PEACE and understanding…………….like a blanket He is surrounding me…..