I stole this from “diane’s blog”  I wasn’t tagged, just stole the thing.  I am praying that she doesn’t mind.  Anyway I thought it was fun and sometimes it’s good to be transparent before the whole world.  For any who would dare, try it out….Here goes just five things about me……it will be interesting to find out if someone actually knows me better than I know myself!

1. I have had five last names in my life, three marriage liscense and only one husband and I hate DIVORCE.

2. I am extremely rich, extremely analytical, extremely critical of myself and others, extremely happy, a unique mother and a submissive wife.

3. I love all people but like very few. I am most often misunderstood, very passionate, and am very narrow minded (for me everything is “black or white” so to speak. I am a “loner” who loves a crowd, good conversation and lively debates.

4. My favorite color is black. I enjoy horror, sci-fi and animated Disney movies. My favorite author is C.S. Lewis. I watch TV to clear my mind and play the piano to calm my anger.  (I have not had a piano in the house for approx. 5 years, but hopefully this week things around here are gonna change)

5. I was awarded a full scholarship out of high school in music and I chose marriage. I have been put down a great deal for my choice most say I threw my life away…….but if you could see my children, my new grandson and lay your eyes upon the most wonderful husband this world has ever known you would agree I am successful, I am honored, I am blessed……..I’ve searched for Truth and found True Love….my goal in life is to share it.