Happy New Year to one and all!  A day late on the greeting but none the less heartfelt.  The holidays have been wonderful, but very hectic.  I am just beginning to get back into the swing of things after all the rush and it’s nice to quiet down and return to my room uniterrupted for some much needed time for intense prayer and study.

I’m beginning to rearrange things here so that I can keep it all in some resemblance of order.  So for those who may pass by here as always read at your leisure and comment always but I beg of you to over look my “unorthodox” way of blogging.  This mess in time always brings a message to my heart and my prayer is that you too may be blessed in this new year by looking past my faults and seeing the heart of God as He chooses to accept this “Broken Vessel” to shed a little light of Truth.  The errors are mine the Glory is His so May His Goodness always shine forth leaving the Perfume of His Presence filling this room!