Awake and peer out of the window
I see trees and grass filled with morning dew
Reflecting the first beams of sunlight
Casting brilliant colors

I unlock the window and breathe
The sweet smell of morning I listen intensely to the
Magnificent chorus of the living creatures
All in one accord breaking the sound
Of silence.

I ponder in my heart as I see people
Busy themselves with morning chores
Do they see what I see?
Do they smell what I smell?”
Do they hear what I hear?

My entire being is shaken to the core
As if to scream STOP!
Look, Listen, Smell!
GOD is breaking the darkness
Creation is resounding the coming of the Creator!

A breeze blows gently through the window
I catch it in my heart
It chills my outside and burns my soul
The breeze continues and fuels the fire within me
I realize…..

I unlocked a window before stepping out the door
If only I could just release
The joy that flooded in that window

If the eyes are the window to the soul
Then surely if we just part our lips
A breath of fresh air will escape in the world
And someone could See, Smell, Hear!
Before the window closes and the door is shut!

Each Creation is different
Different tree, different birds
And though they are simpler than us
We could learn a lesson from them
The trees sway back and forth
As though trying to hold hands
The birds all sing, different songs, yet in one accord
Let us join hands and lift our voices
Shouting the walls of separation down
And raise high a new song
A joyous chorus of Love

In our busy lives we sometimes miss
The cry of a newborn babe
But long ago a few did hear
How many will hear His voice Today?

A Lamb crying Peace on Earth
Goodwill to men

Slain to bring Salvation
A Rising Son to bring out a world
Lost in darkness

A Lion Roaring to Redeem His People

A King Taking His Throne