I was thinking today how amazing it is that God chose me.  I mean I was great and fearfully made but when he allowed me to make choices I made some fearfully great decisions that can only be considered “foolish”.  I was definitely “lacking in sense, judgement and discretion.”

First of all I was born in a clinic with an old family doctor, no medical technology just two hands and a great deal of patience.  Foolish right?  What if, what if what if?  I was also born in the South….right in the heart of her that’s what I call home where we talk loud and funny and eat grits with butter and salt.  Where the women should be belle’s well I was a “cymbal” of all things not frail and feminine.”  Foolish right? 

I grew up on a cotton farm with my grandma and my grandpa who NEVER worked a public job in their life and raised 11 children of their own and not a few of the grandchildren.  Here’s what’s really foolish about that, I thought I was rich……Lack of sense, just plain foolish?

When I became a teenager I went,  what the old folks would say “plumb foolish”.  The only thing I wasn’t was sneaky.  I smoke, drank,  lied, cheated, stole….oh take it from the top of the Top Ten Commandments…I broke them all.

My adult life was just spent running from those teenage years like a fire was lit underneath my feet.  I ran into more indiscretions and poor judgements.  Worked back over the Ten Commandments a time or two.  You know it seemed so much fun breaking them the first time I gave it another try adult style.

Long story short everything I did: I did it “like a fool”……..! 

You shouldn’t marry him….you’re a fool if you do……Well then sign me up that’s my kind of game.

Everything and everybody “I went fool over”…(a saying a lot of old people used to use in my presence…those people would have been about the age I am now…foolish that I thought that was old).

And you know what I’ve proven that God chooses the “foolish things to confound the wise”.  For you see I was wise in my own eyes and everyone called me foolish…..Well that person died one night when I heard Wisdom call my name, I died to who I thought I was and begin to live in One who I wanted to serve, simply because he knew my name…I sold out to God and His Word and you know people still call me foolish…..

So today, I decided that for the latter reason….carry on….here’s a few questions am I real or just a cunningly devised fable?  Can you know me by my words or would believing have to be based on seeing me?  If you saw me would I be real?  How would you convince everybody who hasn’t seen me I was real? 

Nice to meet you I say and hear others say here in the “blog world”.  Who have I met? Words on a screen or a person?  I talk about TV personalities like they are next door neighbors.  ( Ex. “Did you see Horatio the other night?  He looked that man right in the eye with his head cocked to the side and said “THAT’S WHY I’M A CSI AND YOU”RE NOT!” This conversation actually took place between my husband and I like we both were friends with this guy. …………you know Horatio is not a real Crime Scene Investigator but he plays one on TV) 

What would make me more believeable as a Christian?  If I could do a few miracles?  That didn’t help Jesus.  Many did believe but most just believed and wanted the miracles they wanted no part of a bleeding dying man on a tree?

I do cause I saw him look down at me One day and when He spoke I heard God but when I looked up I saw me…..His words I took your place………..I am in in Love…………..so………

Today Call Me Foolish!