There once was a woman born blind.  At birth she didn’t realize she was blind, it was sometime later that she first heard the words “poor thing she’s blind”.  It was those words that let her in on the flaw that everyone else could see.  How did they know she was blind?  Was it the look in her eyes?  Were her eyes seemingly searching without focusing?  Were her eyes cloudy when they should have been clear?  How did those around her discover her blindness?  Was it the fact that she ran into objects large and small?  She saw darkness but nothing was unfamiliar or wrong until she understood the word blind.  She was presented before the medical world and they confirmed it.  She is blind, no light in her world, her eyes are useless. 

The woman realized there was a world she had never seen.  A world described by others yet in her world there was darkness and noise.  So much noise that increased every day.

Can you imagine this woman?  She is walking around and she bumps into someone and they say, “Hey what’s the matter with you are you blind?”!  So the woman begins to cover herself in the symbols of blindness, like labels to identify her.  She wears black glasses to hide the blank, unfocused and clouded look of her eyes.  She carries a long stick to tap out her way, locating potential obstacles.  Now, people don’t have to wonder or think about it she is wearing the badge of blind person.  They don’t even have to get close to her to know.  Some avoid her, some pity her, some attempt to help her yet all actions just magnify the blindness.  She tries to compensate by listening more intently but the descriptions she hears while beautiful just make her yearn for one chance to see.  She smells a flower and imagines red, she touches a face and imagines an image.

People develop ways for her to read, and exist in her dark world.  She learns to feel dots and translate them into words, paragraphs and she learns.  She is guided now by a dog instead of a stick and the animal now sees for her what she cannot.  She experiences more freedom but no less blindness.

Pity, sympathy, compassion, love, advice, guidance, assistance….empathy even from those she has found like herself who have discovered or have been told they are blind.  She has a group now, and they encourage one another, they understand one another.

The woman has it all, she is independent, free, loving, kind she accepts her blindness and walks the path of life.

Here are the questions she is asked?

Are you blind?


How did you become blind?

I was born this way

Will you ever see?

No, they say there is no chance.

Does it hurt?

No, not physically but there is pain?

What do you mean?

Well, when I hear other people describe what they are seeing I hurt inside.

What do you do?

I try to make the best of it. 

Then one day the woman meets a man.  He calls her by name and she turns surprised, the voice sounds familiar but she doesn’t  know him and she wonders how he knows her name.  He follows her for a long time, just speaking to her.  The words draw pictures in her mind.  She grows to trust the man and his words.  He tells her everything.  He knows what she is feeling before she speaks.  He describes the whole world to her and she is remarkably satisfied and comforted by his words.  She has touched his hands.  She has touched his face.  She has felt every inch of his body underneath her hands.

One day the man asks her “would you like to see?”

What will her answer be?

Suppose the woman were to have said to the man “I would love to see you?”

What would the answer be?

What if neither asked the question, but the woman was so loved by the man that she grew to love the man more than anything and she just gradually focused on the man so much that she forgot her blindness it was just gone?

What if when the man first spoke to the woman his words were so powerful and so loving that when he called her by name the Word just made her see?

What if a miracle occurred…..?

Whether we ask the question or someone asks us the question, whether a process or a sudden burst of light into a once dark world what happens after the question is answered?

Would a person who can see walk around with dark glasses and a big stick? 

Would they run around screaming at other blind people?  Like, CAN’T YOU SEE YOU OR YOU BLIND OR SOMETHING?

Yes thank you I am blind, but I am not deaf.  I can hear.

Would they one day forget being blind themselves and treat other blind people harshly by beating the blind with the same stick that once led them through a dark world?