You know it occurred to me today that if I stood by a source of heat, let’s say fire, I could see it, I could smell it, I could hear it, I could feel it, I could taste it right?  Fire is tangible right?  Where does fire come from?  Rubbing two sticks together?  Friction causes heat right?  Just try it rub you hands together really hard, it gets warmer right?  The harder you rub the hotter it becomes right?  You can even burn your own skin with your own hand right?  Where does fire come from?  A match…hmm stiking on stick with a chemical substance on the end against a rough surface…again the friction…but the chemicals react and cause a spark….but again after the paper or the wood is consumed the fire goes out?  Is there an eternal flame?  Is there a fire that burns somewhere totally on it’s own and forever? 

Where does fire come from?  Does it have a source?  Ever watched a volcano erupt spewing fire?  Where did that fire come from?  The center of the earth? Rocks rubbing together producing a spark that ignites the right chemicals that burn is that it?  We can take a magnifying glass and position it over a substance such a leaves, wood etc….get the sun to hit it at the right angle and puff, smoke then fire.  Have we brought the sun’s fire, the power of the sun to earth?  The sun is a ball of fire, where did the fire come from?  Does it have a creator?

Back to the first statement, if I stood close to a fire, when I walked away if someone touched the closest part of me to the fire would they feel the warmth?  You know the answer if you’ve ever backed up to a fire the closer you get the hotter it becomes until your clothing begins to burn your skin and we jump away….if we stayed there or jumped in the fire we would burn right?

In my house when I was little, we had an old furnace the kind where there is a big grate on the floor where the heat comes out.  It was huge and usually located in the hall of most homes, at least all I’ve seen. (Hence the word “heating hall”, it’s an old timey word my grandparents used…in order to get the heat distributed to the rest of the house you have to know how to work the doors…my husband taught me that.”)  Anyway, in that house with the “grate monster” occurred an awful accident one day.  My sister who was very small at the time fell onto the grate and burned her leg.  The burn was so bad that it left the imprint of the grate in her leg.  She survived but the scar perfectly left on her leg exactly matched the pattern or shall I say the image of that furnace grate.

What image are you wearing?  Whatever it is tells the story of where you have been spending your time.  Our scars tell our stories.  I have a long one on my arm that reminds me of the year the artificial Christmas tree limb slipped from my hand as I was dragging it from the attic and the sharp end cut my wrist.  It was just a scratch but it left a scar.  Every time I see it I remember that day.

So it’s almost Christmas and today I was just wondering why is it that the wise men from the east followed a star because they had read a Star would rise out of Jacob….a Scepter out of Israel, wise heathen men studying scriptures, astrologers looking for an answer in a King?  They brought gifts so they had ever intention of locating this King at all costs.  They followed a sign, yet certain shepherds were tending their flock by night not looking for anything and suddenly an angel appears and the glory of the Lord shone all around them and they were afraid. 

What does all that have to do with fire?  What does the glory of the Lord look like?

Just questions with an answer!  He looked like an ordinary baby in the manger.  A little lamb.  Mary’s little lamb….

Ah but what does he look like today?  His eyes look like flames of fire.  Where does fire come from? 

Two witnessess stand on earth and anyone that attempts to harm them fire will issue out of their mouth and consume their enemies.  Where does the fire come from?

A candle sits in the window.  The flame is burning bright.  We are tired and just need some sleep so we walk over and breath on the flame and it goes out.  Our lips are so close to the flame yet not willing to feel the pain nor see the light…we do not touch our lips to the flame.

The tongue is a fire.  Our God is a consuming fire.    Who makes his ministers a flaming fire?  Where does the fire come from?

What is the glory of Christmas but fire come down from heaven burning brightly in the souls of so few.

I am one of unclean lips, touch me with fire that I might be purified  Oh that my words would be burned up and His Word could only be heard in My mouth.

Where does fire come from?

God said Let there be Light.  He saw that it was Good.  He separated it from the darkness.  And the Word was fire.  And the Word became flesh.  The darkness doesn’t understand it but the Light still beckons Come Let Us Adore Him……..