11)Now Heber the Kenite which was of the children of Hobab the father in law of Moses, had severed himself from the Kenites, and pitched his tent unto the plains of Zaanaim, which is by Kedesh.


Fellowship is broken when you pitch your tent in the wrong place.  Heber pitched his tent by the sanctuary (Kedesh), in a place of wandering, (Zaanaim).  How many times do we pitch our tents, take up residence just close enough but never truly enter in.  We seem to prefer the low, flat, comfortable places of wandering rather than ascending to higher levels.  We come so near to the sanctuary of God, the place of safety, the place of refuge yet we stop and fall short.  Pitching your tent in a place of wandering, a dry thirsty desert when just one more step would have brought you into your destiny.  What are the consequences of choosing to stay in our comfort zones?

The name Heber means fellowship.  He was a Keniite meaning “possessor” whose father was Hobab “cherished or beloved”.

Conceived in love true fellowship is born.  From the moment we are born we are labeled. Possessed so to speak by the very names we are given.  First we take on the name of our parents, then a myriad of labels from those who cross our paths during this journey we call life.  One action bad or good determines what we are in the eyes of those who seek to know us.  You’ve heard it all I’m sure, possibly even slapped a few labels on others yourself.  “He/She is just like her mother/father”.  We are labeled, smart, dumb, slow, quick, fat, skinny, strong-willed, withdrawn, angry, sad, carefree, happy, tall, short, inadequate, adept, trouble makers, peacekeepers, content, dissatisfied, friend or foe on and on the labels fall and we are marked by others yet driven to be our own person in our own right.  Who sets the standard by which each opinion is measured?  Does there not eventually have to be a absolute point a both ends of a spectrum in order to make determinations about where we fit in? 

I’ve been called a great deal of things in my life and I have always been left with the question “than who?”.    If one labels me fat and I see people bigger than I am then what are they? Fatter?  Than who?  If one labels me smart and I meet someone who knows something I don’t then are they smarter? Than who?  Who are we measuring up or down to?

If it’s true that fellowship is born out of love, then is rebellion born out of a need to be free from that which possesses us and hinders us from entering into true fellowship and ultimately love.?   We desire to be safe, loved and live life in a sanctuary where all is perfect and the road to that place seems to be paved with errors in judgement in a place called the “wandering of rebellion”.  We are captive, bound by our labels, yet within us lies a desire to be free.

Heber severed himself from the Kenites.  This simple statement just means fellowship broke ties with all that possessed him and pitched his tent in a place of wandering, by the sanctuary.  He almost made it to a place of safety, security, love, provision….yet he stopped short in a low flat place, a plain comfortable place…what are the consequences of broken fellowship?