The curse is death, the cause is sin, for the wages of sin is death. 


Back to the beginning in Genesis we read that after Adam and Eve heeded the voice of the serpent and ate the fruit of good and evil that God came down to the garden and called for them.  God was still speaking to them.  They could still hear and speak to God. 

So what was cursed?  The scriptures tell us that God cursed the ground, and the serpent. God cursed the ground for Adam’s sake and he cursed the serpent by making him crawl around on his belly and eat dust because he tempted Adam and Eve.  Adam and Eve were left with sorrow.  Eve would sorrow in childbirth and Adam would sorrow in eating from the soil for the rest of his life.  Adam had made a choice and now he was left to work by the sweat of his brow.  A single act and a life of Worship was turned into Work.  But wait.  If man is working then he is paid right?  Then what wages was Adam now receiving?  God says that the wages of sin is death.  So Adam would toil all the days of his life and die.  So if God allowed Adam to stay in the Garden then Adam would still have access to the Tree of Life.  If Adam ate of the Tree of Life in his present state he would die forever.  So God put Adam out of the garden and post a guard at the entrance of the Tree of Life holding a flaming sword so that Adam could not reach the Tree of Life and live forever in his present state as a dead man.  Adam had died when he disobeyed God.  Yet he was walking and talking and working so what died?   Adam the natural man lived on, Adam the spiritual man died.  The very image of God died within Adam.