H3485 Issachar

From H5375 and H7939; he will bring a reward; Jissaskar, a son of Jacob: – Issachar.


naw-saw’, naw-saw’
A primitive root; to lift, in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively, absolutely and relatively: – accept, advance, arise, (able to, [armour], suffer to) bear (-er, up), bring (forth), burn, carry (away), cast, contain, desire, ease, exact, exalt (self), extol, fetch, forgive, furnish, further, give, go on, help, high, hold up, honourable (+ man), lade, lay, lift (self) up, lofty, marry, magnify, X needs, obtain, pardon, raise (up), receive, regard, respect, set (up), spare, stir up, + swear, take (away, up), X utterly, wear, yield.


From H7986; payment of contract; concretely salary, fare, maintenance; by implication compensation, benefit: – hire, price, reward [-ed], wages, worth.

H8439 Tola

The same as H8438; worm; Tola, the name of two Israelites: – Tola.


to-law’, to-lay-aw’, (3,4) to-lah’-ath
From H3216; a maggot (as voracious); specifically (often with ellipsis of H8144) the crimson grub, but used only (in this connection) of the color from it, and cloths dyed therewith: – crimson, scarlet, worm.

H6312 Puah, Phuvah
poo-aw’, poov-vaw’
From H6284; a blast; Puah or Puvvah, the name of two Israelites: – Phuvah, Pua, Puah.

A primitive root; to puff, that is, blow away: – scatter into corners.

H3437 Jashub “Job”
yaw-shoob’, yaw-sheeb’
From H7725; he will return; Jashub, the name of two Israelites: – Jashub.

A primitive root; to turn back (hence, away) transitively or intransitively, literally or figuratively (not necessarily with the idea of return to the starting point); generally to retreat; often adverbially again: –  ([break, build, circumcise, dig, do anything, do evil, feed, lay down, lie down, lodge, make, rejoice, send, take, weep]) X again, (cause to) answer (+ again), X in any case (wise), X at all, averse, bring (again, back, home again), call [to mind], carry again (back), cease, X certainly, come again (back) X consider, + continually, convert, deliver (again), + deny, draw back, fetch home again, X fro, get [oneself] (back) again, X give (again), go again (back, home), [go] out, hinder, let, [see] more, X needs, be past, X pay, pervert, pull in again, put (again, up again), recall, recompense, recover, refresh, relieve, render (again), X repent, requite, rescue, restore, retrieve, (cause to, make to) return, reverse, reward, + say nay, send back, set again, slide back, still, X surely, take back (off), (cause to, make to) turn (again, self again, away, back, back again, backward, from, off), withdraw.

H8110 Shimron
From H8105 in its original sense; guardianship; Shimron, the name of an Israelite and of a place in Palestine: – Shimron.

From H8104; something preserved, that is, the settlings (plural only) of wine: – dregs, (wines on the) lees.
The Name Job another name for Jashub

BDB Definition:
Job = “persecuted”
1) the 3rd son of Issachar also called ‘Jashub’

Perhaps a form of H3103, but more probably by erroneous transcription for H3437; Job, an Israelite: – Job.

From H2980; howler; Jobab, the name of two Israelites and of three foreigners: – Jobab.

A primitive root; to bawl: – cry out.