Jeremiah 2:13 For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.

No one likes discipline, yet as Christians we call ourselves disciples of

Christ.  We never get used to the rod it seems yet it is a necessary tool.  “Spare the rod and spoil the child” the Bible says, yet we as adults think that to be applied to children.  Funny how we can all pull out “pet” verses when it suits our needs and seems to make our point.  Well I know this I know that God says he “chastens” those he loves.  So today I know that God loves me.

I’ve been agitated lately.  Every little and big thing bothers me.  I am extremely critical of most every person, place or thing.  I am not a perfectionist “per se” but I do like to be right.

What’s so wrong about wanting to be right, I say.  The Lord himself gave us a breastplate of righteousness, yet I find myself all the time speaking the words of David to Saul.  Oh no, I have not proved that coat of armour yet.  So I set out with a few stones and a mighty powerful sling affectionately called my “mouth”.  Those rocks have been crying out in a loud voice lately…and you know what happens when you yell alot?  Your mouth get dry.  I Thirst.

This wilderness called the world is indeed a dry place.  I’m in it but not of it, yeah that’s what is right, that’s what is true….that’s what I have faith in, but does that faith work or is it dead?

Again when it’s dead, it dries out.  So every Sunday morning and night, every Wednesday noon and night I go to church.  I go in hopes of quenching this thirst.

Well this week God gave me one big whack of the rod, Jeremiah 2:13.

Two evils the Lord said his people have committed:

They have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters.

They have hewed out cisterns that can’t hold water.

Well in order to be right I took a good long look into the scriptures.

John 6:35  The words of Jesus, the Righteous One.

And JESUS said unto them, I Am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.

Well there you go!  A cool drink of water in a dry and thirsty land.

Bread and water, that what we sterotypically feed a prisoner.  But look closely….

Jesus is the Bread of Life….the Word just as it’s stated.  If you come to Jesus you may eat.  This is my body, broken for you take eat! Right?  The Word broken open to us to give life.

But if you’ve ever eaten bread without something to drink, well don’t know about you but I know it make me thirsty.  I wouldn’t even think of sitting down to a meal without a drink. 

So I came to Jesus and He gave me life.  But I want more Lord, I’m thirsty.  So the Lord says, if you believe me you will never thirst. Never now that’s a long time….right?

I’ve come to the Lord and my hunger is satisfied. 

We call ourselves “believers” right.  Yet when the Lord hung on that cross, the precious Bread of Life, skin broken and torn apart for us He too cried, “I thirst”.  Did he need something? Yes? Did he need a drink?  Yes?  Did he believe?  Emphpatically yes!  Then why was he thirsty? 

The human side of me accepts that his humanity was crying out for a natural drink but my soul feels a much deeper cry.  Like deep crying unto deep.  I hear him say, “Give me back what I’ve given you!”  “O ye of little faith can you not see and hear? Are you still blind and deaf?” 

“I thirst”.   “You must believe!  It is not enough to just come to me, for have I not taught you that man cannot live by bread alone?  I have been in the wilderness, denying my flesh any food for I AM the Word.  The tempter came to me enticing me to change stones into bread….yet did he not know that it is water that flowed from the rock in the wilderness.  If you know who I am ask me and I will give you “living water”.  Did I not go through this with you at the well?  Were you so undone by the fact that I was speaking to a woman and one who was not quite to your liking, that you missed the message!”

Don’t misunderstand me the Lord knew that they would offer him vinegar to drink that detail was prophesied long before that day.  Yet we look at the WORD every day still and miss the meaning.  It’s like bread.  It’s good to stop the grumbling of hunger but it leaves us thirsty.

They offered him vinegar….stale fruit juice.  That’s all they had and today we still get a pucker on our faces as men attempt to satisfy an unsatiable thirst.  

We complain, moan, bicker, grumble and get angry about what’s going on in the church.  This is how we hew out our cisterns.  A cistern is a vessel for holding or catching water.  

We present ourselves as vessels before the Lord and wait for the pastor, teacher, evangelist etc…to pour it in and we walk out with nothing, cause the minute we’re back in the wilderness of this world we feel the heat and start complaining and realize just how thirsty we are.

We have walked away with a good chunk of bread, but no water.  And the few who might have got under the flow of the Spirit lose it somehow before they make it through to the next time.

We have left our first love.  Love is something we don’t really understand in God’s terms.  But based on Jeremiah 2:13 we have forsaken the Lord who is a fountain of living water. 

What must we do?  What does it all mean?  If Jesus is the WORD, then why does he refer to the Word as both bread and water?  What’s the difference or are they the same?  Why was the Word “the bread” his body and the Word the Water changed into wine at the first miracle in Cana?  So many questions so little time….check back for the rest of HIS-Tory…..For now SELAH.