A couple of months back our church implemented a new “prayer program”.  Now most people, myself included, would think the church has too many “programs” as it is, and as a whole that is true.  But this was not just a “program”, but more of a directive and command of God Himself.

Born out of a vision and a word from God to our pastor, we began “Pew Keepers”.  Each person who willing committed themselves was assigned a pew to pray for.  In addition men were assigned as door keepers for our church.  We now had the entire area blanketed in prayer.  All who entered were covered in prayer by the “doorkeepers” and all who sat were covered in prayer by “pew keepers”.

We have witnessed a mighty outpouring of God’s presence and the Holy Spirit has moved in unusual ways.  God has brought a true “revival” to our church.  The power of prayer is evident and effective.

The instrument-a wheel


The path


The Door

 The Pew

The Pew

A lot of debris was left in the path of this wheel when it left the truck and headed toward the church….but looks like the damage was mostly at the point of contact……………a door and a pew….!

It’s all in how we perceive it I guess….we can shake our heads and be in dismay over the damage, we can choose to just see with our natural eyes the destruction and the mess!  We can choose to find someone to blame, someone to pay and become so distracted with the obvious that we miss the message.

This all may not seem important to anyone else but I sit on that pew by that door.  The day before myself and others were standing in the very path that wheel took, right down the altar.

Feel a little prayer wheel turning….you know a little fire is burning…well the enemy has turned up the heat and I for one am over the “shock” and I am allowing God to remove the scales from my natural eyes and I am beginning to see the “awe” of the power of God. 

Has not God said that he would allow us to be shaken?  Are we not feeling shaken over this?  Am I spiritualizing too much?  Is this just a random accident?  If it was random then why did it happen that day at that hour?  Why a wheel?  Why a door?  Why a pew?  Why a direct path down the altar?  Could someone be attempting to put out a fire kindled by our prayers?

As for me I have sought the Lord and given him praise for sparing my life.  God is in control!  He allowed it to happen on a day when no life would be harmed.  Things have been damaged and things can be replaced.  We have a capable group of men within our church that can handle the business side of it all and repairs will be made.

Silver and Gold have I none my friends but I do have a promise from God.  Such as I have give I thee….In the Name of Jesus I will rise above this with more prayer and thanksgiving and yes MORE PRAISE! For the Word says that the enemy is Satan and he comes to steal, kill and destroy.  Well looks like he destroyed a few bricks and he has strewn some debris but let’s not allow him to steal our focus and kill our joy!  Come on join me in just a little more praise and watch God move us above the circumstances into the TRUTH! 

I see God’s hand in this because I’ve made my choice….accuse me if you choose of overstating it all, or trying to spiritualize everything…but I remember not so long ago a 911 call I received from an empty Church……I remember our pastor teaching us what the Holy Spirt was saying……What is He saying to us now…..

A door and a pew…..think about it!

I’ve been accused of many things and the accuser I am acquainted with…..but if you want to know how I know what I know and wish to dig a little deeper….just take a look at what date this happened on…for the Jewish people this is a time called Tisha B’Av a time of great mourning for the Jewish people commerating times in their history of great loss….

Yesterdays date Aug. 3, 2006 was the same day in history that the fiirst and second temple was destroyed.  First by the Babylonians in 586 BC, second by the Romans in 70 AD…we lost a door and a pew…same day….

Okay maybe I’m over your head maybe I typed too much but a new passion for the LORD is kindled within me like fire shut up in my bones….I can’t stop thinking about it…I don’t want to stop thinking about it…..This can’t be coincidence for me simply because I don’t believe in coincidence or chance…..

God is speaking….do you have an ear to hear…..

I am not shocked nor shall I be moved, but I will stand in Awe of His timing, His plan, His purpose and His Presence on this day…..my only regret is that I haven’t enough space nor words to tell of of what God has shown me through all of this…I just look forward to more of His Glory!!!!!

The sign on outside of the church at this time reads “The Gospel is a Declaration not a Debate”.  So you choose will you stumble in shock and debate the incident or will you stand in Awe of Him Declaring He is God and their is no other!  That’s a true declaration of “good news”.

O for a Thousand Tongues to sing…

O for a Thousand words to write….

If only I could paint the picture….if only I could tell the story just as He whispers it to me……

For now I just stop……pondering the wonder of it all…..Selah