Understanding that we must not forget the lessons learned in our time in the “wilderness” we press on for the high mark of His calling. 

We began a new course of study in our Sunday School Class about two weeks ago.  God is truly blessing this class in an awesome way so as He leads and permits I will be sharing with those who are stopping in at “My Alabaster Box”. 

While some churches have chosen to delete the Sunday School hour from their day of worship I believe it is an essential time when believers can come together to grow and learn to be true disciples of Christ and students of His Word.


Each person will find their unique place and purpose as an active participant in God’s plan for their lives.


To provide the appropriate materials needed to reach, equip, and mature us in spiritual matters.


Recognize our relationship to Christ

Develop a desire for reading God’s Word

Become more faithful to keeping God’s Word in speech and action.