Worms, a word ordinarily not consigned to people.  An attenuated, lubricious, loam eating creature who inhabits the blackness of the ear.  Shoveled by anglers, these worms become useful as enticements for fish! 

These creatures are neither male nor female in semblance.  Science teaches that the worm contains components of both.  Worms appear confused, confusing, abhorrent to most people and profitless, unless you are fishing.

What do people have in common with such a creature?  Look them up for yourselves.  The information is alarmingly comparable to what we call people.  See a mirror?  Well, I looked it up for myself and saw…myself.

It is not my intention to offend the worm activists, if there be any, and these days people will defend the rights of most anything except for each other.  Anyway, as I have stated if there be any who believe my view of worms is harsh, allow me to clarify.

Worms do contribute to the growth of plants, and I am well aware of their ecological importance.  It is this asset of the worm that I appreciate the most.  In order for worms to facilitate plant growth, it must aid in breaking down matter that is decaying in the soil.  This decaying matter, called humus traps moisture.  This moisture, if not adequately balanced, leads to the plants demise.  The worm helps prevent decaying matter from annihilating the plant.  The worm, ardently digging around, destroying the decay, also opens up tiny portals in the soil.  Air can now penetrate through these openings.  What worm, even the people worm, could not use a good breath of fresh air.

The worm, poor thing, does not have eyes for seeing, nor ears that hear.  He does have a mouth, and its primary function is to devour dirt and decayed matter.  See the comparison yet?

Worms possess a sensitivity to heat, light, and touch.  Their sizes range from 1/25 inch to 11 feet long.  The frontal appendage of the worm propels it forward and the hind parts ensue.  Sort of like dragging ones feet.  The worms drown if kept or held under water, burn in the sun, and have NO backbone.  Can you see it yet?

Where is the comparison , I wonder?  Let your panic or boredom be quieted, for there is a point to this madness.  I can assure you it is not to endow you with information useful for science class.  No, there is a subtle agenda to these statements, and here is the crux of the matter.  This is where I reveal my Source.  Throwing mystery aside, I come forward to expound upon you a bit of TRUTH!  First, in case you don’t know by now I am a Christian and I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ!  Having revealed my heart, I hope you rightly assume, this is a spiritual teaching. 

I hope the introduction has sparked your interest at least.  It is my prayer you will not depart upon hearing these words.  Give me your tolerance and attention for this lesson is not “politically correct”.  It is the TRUTH!  Let your heart be open, your mind narrow, and let’s dig up some worms.