Songs.., simple little pieces of most everyone’s life.  The preludes and postludes of human existence.

A great deal is written on the origin of man.  Great minds throughout the centuries pondered this seemingly complex question.  Theories come and go with each generation.  Could the answer be a song?  Well, that’s my theory. 

“Of course keep in mind that once as a child growing up in the south I did inhale a great deal of toxic fumes.  That mosquito truck that sprayed our little town could be the reason for my temporary insanity.  Everyone these days appear to have something to blame our actions on.  Except that mosquito spray…I write without excuse.”

Stay with me as the prelude starts, remembering all theories begin in darkness but are proven in Light.

Where do I begin?  A song, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with…..”.  Now, you see I left the song without a “Fine’ (finish).”  If I finished it correctly, with me, it would end.  To properly answer “Where do I begin”, one must have only just begun.  Let it begin with Truth.

Truth, a sought after treasure in this age.  We swear by it, but does anyone know what it is?  Right or wrong, the search for freedom is to be found in the lost ark of Truth.  It will bring Peace, but it doesn’t begin with Me, nor might I be so bold to speak it doesn’t begin with You.

Truth just was and is and will be.  Truth never had a beginning, nor will it have an end.  Truth is the origin of man.  Truth created the entire universe.

Truth that wonderful, awesome, powerful word of Light spoken into darkness.

If a picture paints a thousand words…..picture this.

Our world, surrounded by darkness and chaos.  Everyone is stumbling over each other looking for themselves.  Groping through each new advancement, each new age, not even realizing the blindness.  Accustomed to the dark, now taken for granite, lost without hope.  That’s the lie of darkness.  I was born into this lie, but I was created by Truth.

Realizing this was a difficult task.  Blind from birth I lost my way.  The wind blew the cradle rocked, the bough broke, and I fell.  Down it all came until I hit rock bottom.  That fall saved my life, and cured my blindness.

I lost me, but that Rock I discovered was the foundation of Truth.  Words of new life were written upon that Rock.  So for a season I just rested in the sheer joy of that solid presence beneath my feet.  For the first time I saw Truth in a four letter word LOVE.

Love, pure LIGHT, shining through all the chaos.  It illuminated a narrow way through a dark world.  I could see the way as I heard the words of Truth, I AM LOVE.

I began to know my Creator as I slowly followed the Word of Love.  The Truth, my Creator, had sent to me a part of HIMSELF. 

The world can’t see, but what the world needs now is LOVE.  If youseen Love you’ve seen the Truth.  Love lights the path to Truth. Truth is the origin of man.

“I can see clearly now….all of the dark clouds have passed me by.”  For now I would just “like to teach the whole world to sing” a NEW SONG…

“How Great Thou Art, Amazing Grace, He Touched Me, Just As I Am!

“I am the way, the truthand the life”……Jesus