Word of the Lord to me.

Let the veil down……  The veil is my body, my flesh, broken for you.  Take.  Eat.  I took it and did eat and my eyes were opened.  Freely I have given to you freely give.  Look beyond the veil of their flesh.  Speak my word and it will open their eyes and cause them to turn from the darkness.  The darkness that overcomes them and restrains them.  Forcing them to stop.  They will turn to my LIGHT, which is not kindled therefore it cannot be quenched.

In the beginning I spoke LIGHT into darkness.  The two were separated.  Speak to them LIGHT.  For I AM the LIGHT of the world.  Darkness does not understand the LIGHT.  LIGHT is the life of man.  No longer will opposition and adversity have the right to execute any power.  I AM God the Creator.  The Eternal, Infinite, Almighty.

Take them in, in whatever manner.  Speak my WORD it will cause them to stand away from sin and the power of it.  Releasing them from the prison of the past, into my glorious inheritance, with All the privileges.  I will pull them out of the world into fellowship with Me.  I will persuade them of the TRUTH which is in Me.

Let the veil down.

Break open your won flesh.  Let them see the WORD I have hid in your heart.  Show them each piece of your past, and how I brought you out.

I saw water pots.  Many water pots.  Some broken, some marred, some made by unskilled hands, some empty, some filled with water half way and others to the brim.  I saw some trying to make their own pots, some were just images, shadows of where a pot once stood.

These are mine.  They are my sons and daughters.  My WORD can restore the broken.  Heal the marred.  Instruct the unskilled.  Fill the empty and change the water of those filled into Life by My Spirit.  Some must be reborn.  Some must be turned.  They All must come….you do not see them yet, just the one that I have uncovered.  You must believe and speak my WORD.  Let your veil down.