My heart lay broken at His feet, I took my sins in Faith

I asked the Lord to save my soul, and keep my soul from hate

When the prayer was over, I tried my best to stand

But instead of climbing on a rock, I chose the shifting sand.

O LORD I prayed so many times….

Why must I suffer so

Times are bad and nothings right

Just where did my love go?

Each time I had a moment when at last I thought I'd found

The only thing my heart desired….My face just hit the ground

Then once again I'd pray real hard

O LORD, I'm all alone

I can't live right the way you want

Just leave me on my own

I blew around this evil world and never found a friend

I thought the LORD had forgotten me,

and I just wished it all would end

So, I prayed no more, I thought what's the use

The LORD's much too bothered by me

And I haven't done a single thing

To deserve answer to my plea.

Then one night in early fall, when my life was all but through,

I found myself sinking fast, and I knew what I must do.

No one in all the world could take away my pain

So I looked INSIDE and TORE my heart,

and found where my LOVE had lain.

He looked so tired, but in His eyes

was PEACE I'd never seen

I asked LORD, why so tired?

And what's your PEACE within?

He spoke to me, dried my tears, and fixed my broken heart.

For He said,"I've been carrying you, and waiting from the start"

"To see you make it safely through the world YOU chose to see"

"Now Come with me, Stand on the Rock and

Go from this world with me"

I understood my time had come, and everyday I know

The PEACE I saw within His eyes was because He loves me so

All my prayers I'd thought in vain, He'd answered every one

And now I share with you this LOVE I found in God's Own Son.